Streamline your vacates with BondBack

Let us help you turnover a vacating property faster and ensure a more enjoyable experience for your tenants.

Help your tenants sign up to BondBack at the beginning or end of a tenancy, for a stress free and easier way to save for professional vacate services.

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Hassle-free vacates

Your Tenants will have a great experience with their vacate process.

At BondBack we manage all the communication between yourself, your tenant and the vacate professionals.

Your Tenants will enjoy a stress-free move and their final experience with your property management services.

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from other properties and agencies by advertising that your property price INCLUDES professional vacate clean and other services.

Simply register your new tenants to BondBack at their official tenancy agreement signing and enjoy the benefits of how we take the stress out of a finalising tenancy and ensure the property is ready for faster turnover.

Increase your property portfolio

Landlords are always looking for the best agency who will not only protect their asset but also value that the time between a vacate and a new tenancy is kept to a minimum.

Attract new Landlords who appreciate you facilitating this service. BondBack swiftly and professionally manages all communication and service to your standard to reduce call-back times and delay in turnover.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can we be financially rewarded by partnering with BondBack?

Yes! Don’t miss out on becoming a partner with Australia’s newest and fasting growing platform to help both Tenants and Agents. As part of our introductory phase, we are offering significant bonus for each completed contract that you sign on.

Complete the call back form below and BondBack will be in touch to discuss how your agency would be financially rewarded and paid monthly.

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How can we partner with BondBack?

Complete the form below and BondBack will contact you within 24 hours to discuss our partnership program and easy process. We will allocate you a specific Agent Code to facilitate communication, then it’s just a matter of following these easy steps:

  1. Simply sign your tenants on at the same time as their official tenancy agreement signing and select 6 or 12 month payment option and enter your specific Agents BondBack referral code;
  2. Contacting your entire property list to share with your tenants a great way to save for their vacate services.
  3. When a tenant advises you of their intention to vacate, share the webpage and your referral code. It’s so easy to use, fixed quote price and guaranteed.
  4. Receive a monthly payment by BondBack for each of your completed tenancies.

Make your next move easy with BondBack.