Frequenty Asked Questions

What if my lease is for longer than 12 months?

That’s totally fine. Your subscription with us is only for 12 months, so once that period is up, you won’t have to continue paying. We’ll be ready to clean your property and guarantee your bond returned as soon as you’re ready.

How much does it cost?

The average bond clean in Australia is around $550, so paying for your exit clean in advance means it’ll cost approximately $11 per week. Just enter your property details and an automatic quote will be calculated for you that you can accept and put in place straight away (i.e. no waiting).

How do I pay?

There’s two great options:

1. If your property manager offers BondBack (or if they don’t, ask them why?) then you can sign up at the same time as your rental agreement with them.

2. You can register with us directly. Easy.

How do you guarantee my bond back?

As part of our agreement, all you have to do is be a good tenant (as your landlord would expect). If there’s no damage to the property and it’s not unreasonably dirty, our cleaners will do an amazing job on your behalf, and we’ll ensure your bond is returned quickly and in-full from your agent/landlord.

What happens if I cancel my lease early?

If for some reason you need to cancel early, then we can apply the amount you have already paid towards your vacate services and deduct from the final cost.

Make your next move easy with BondBack.